Embedded Figures Test Online Free Questions for Competitive Exam
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In this topic, you are given an uncompleted image with four different images options from which you have to choose one optional image to complete given image according to question. You just need to focus to understand the image and you can obtain good marks on this topic.

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Or maybe no one can see my email address except from me, I am not sure now, but still you may write an response here.

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All right I have just seen that my email is given in my account, therefore you can contact me via my email address.
Thank you in advance:).

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Hi Vikram Singh.
I have just started to write my master's thesis and I would like to use "Embedded Figures Test Online Free Questions for Competitive Exams" in my work. I'm not sure how does this site work but I suppose that you are the author of this test and you have uploaded it here therefore you have all the rights to this test as it's author.
I am aware that tests from this website are free to use but I still need to obtain a written permission from an author (these are procedures in my University).
I couldn't find any other way to contact you than this.
Could you please write me back that I could give you my email in private conversation (I don't want my email to be seen for everyone), or you can contact me via this website, as I have registered to it (if there is any posibility of such way).
I would be grateful if you response to my comment.
Kind regards,
Marta Poros.

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