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Answer : 1 quality, quantity and duration of light Explanation : Answer: A) quality, quantity and duration of light Explanation: Plants and animals are separated by about 1.5 billion years of evolutionary history. They have evolved their multicellular organization independently but using the same initial toolkit — the set of genes inherited from their common unicellular eucaryotic ancestor.Two basic peculiarities of plants are:First, they get their energy from sunlight, not by ingesting other organisms. This dictates a body plan different from that of animals.Second, their cells are encased in semirigid cell walls and cemented together, preventing them from moving as animal cells do.This dictates a different set of mechanisms for shaping the body and different developmental processes to cope with a changeable environment.Because they cannot match themselves to their environment by moving from place to place, plants adapt instead by altering the course of their development. Their strategy is opportunistic. A given type of organ—a leaf, a flower, or a root, say—can be produced from the fertilized egg by many different paths according to environmental cues. Hence, Plant development is influenced by quality, quantity and duration of light.

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