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Answer : 3 4 Explanation : Answer: C) 4 Explanation: The given compound is NaHCO3 Sodium bicarbonate which is commonly known as Baking soda.Oxidation numbers are the charges on ions. When a neutral atom loses electrons it becomes positively charged. When a neutral atom gains electrons it becomes negatively charged. Here the C represents the oxidation state of carbon in this compound. Compounds are electrically neutral, which is why we set the sum of the oxidation states equal to zero. Sodium has a 1 oxidation state. Hydrogen has a 1 oxidation state. Oxygen has a -2 oxidation state. There are three oxygen atoms, which means the total oxidation state provided by both oxygen ions is -6. Adding up these oxidation states we get:1 1 (-6) C = 0-4 C = 0=