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Answer : 1 Connective Explanation : Answer: A) Connective Explanation: There are four types of tissue in human body. They are  1.Muscular2.Connective3.Epithelial4.Nervous Among these Connective Tissue are most abundant in our body.  CONNECTIVE TISSUE Functions: 1) Wraps around and cushions and protects organs2) Stores nutrients3) Internal support for organs4) As tendon and ligaments protects joints and attached muscles to bone and each other5) Runs through organ capsules and in deep layers of skin giving strength The 3 Elements of Connective Tissue:1) Ground substance – gel around cells and fibers2) Fibers – provide strength, elasticity and support3) Cells There are 2 Kinds of Connective Tissue: 1) Loose Connective Tissue: a) Areolar Connective Tissue – cushion around organs, loose arrangement of cells and fibers. b) Adipose Tissue – storehouse for nutrients, packed with cells and blood vessels c) Reticular Connective Tissue – internal supporting framework of some organs, delicate network of fibersand cells 2) Dense Connective Tissue: a) Dense Regular Connective Tissue – tendons and ligaments, regularly arranged bundles packed with fibersrunning same way for strength in one direction. b) Dense Irregular Connective Tissue – skin, organ capsules, irregularly arranged bundles packed with fibersfor strength in all directions.

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