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Answer : 3 Fructose Explanation : Answer: C) Fructose Explanation: Fructose is an Organic molecule among the given options.  Organic Molecules :An organic molecule is one which contains carbon, although not all compounds that contain carbon are organic molecules. Noticeable exceptions are carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbonates (e.g. calcium carbonate), carbides (e.g. calcium carbide) and cyanides (e.g. sodium cyanide). Pure carbon compounds such as diamond and graphite are also not organic compounds. Organic molecules can range in size from simple molecules to complex structures containing thousands of atoms. Although carbon is present in all organic compounds, other elements such as hydrogen (H), oxygen(O), nitrogen (N), sulfur (S) and phosphorus (P) are also common in these molecules. In simple, Molecules needed for life that have carbon are called Organic Molecules.

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