Calendar Verbal Reasoning and Aptitude Questions
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Here I am sharing important reasoning calendar question and answers for you. Practice these calendar questions of verbal reasoning for competitive exams.

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month starts with saturday means 1
1 day of month repeat itself on 29 i.e on 29 it repeat 5th time but we take only even saturday i.e on 8th and 22nd of the month
same as sunday it is also occurs 5 times
first on 2nd and 5 times on 30
then plus it 2 days of saturday and 5 days of sunday
it gives 7 then minus it from 30 (no. of days in months)
it gives 23

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@p-s said:

14 question answer is monday bcz 57/7 remainder is 1 i.e. monday

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Answer of 7 question is saturday

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14 question answer is sunday

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