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Answer : Explanation : “What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?” that means they want to gauge your ability of decision even if there is really hard to choose between any two.They want to hear on what circumstances what will be your priorities and values you take while taking a decision which can effect a lot and most important to it.Your decision skills are shown to interviewer that you answer will reflect. You must be accurate in your answer and try to explain the conditions and evidences upon which you taken such decision. Also you can tell how those decisions are beneficial for you in further life. Best Answer for “What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?”There are 2 toughest decisions that I ever made in my life.The first one is about to choose my career. I want to be an engineer but my parents planned for me something else because of financial problems. At that time this decision was toughest for me to choose parents planned career path or my own. But I go against to my parents path and tried my best to get the scholarship from college, which I also did giving my best performance.Second decision that I have taken is to choose between job and higher studies. In this I have chosen to do job only. I have to learn more within the job and get an experience in my field. I also want to emphasize my skills and gain more knowledge in reputed company.

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