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Answer : 2 FALSE Explanation : Answer: B) FALSE Explanation: False. The ankle is not the third-class lever in the body. Levers are typically labeled as first class, second class, or third class. All three types are found in the body, but most levers in the human body are third class. First-class levers in the human body are rare and have the axis (fulcrum) located between the weight (resistance) and the force. One example is the joint between the head and the first vertebra.In a second-class lever, the weight (resistance) is located between the axis (fulcrum) and the force. An example of a second-class lever in the human body is found in the lower leg when someone stands on tiptoes In a third-class lever, the most common in the human body, force is applied between the resistance (weight) and the axis (fulcrum). There are numerous third-class levers in the human body; one example can be illustrated in the elbow joint.

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