Reasoning questions and answers in Hindi for Competitive Exams
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Most of the students are finding the reasoning questions and answers in Hindi for preparation of their competitive exams as well as reasoning topics.

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प्रश्न संख्या 75 का उत्तर गलत हैं महोदय सुधारे उसे सही में 18 त्रिभुज हैं आपने सही 16 बता रखे हैं

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Your website Examsbook is a very good and very useful website. I have been visiting your website for a long time and I am getting information related to the topic of your website. I am preparing for a competitive exam but I have a dilemma in the "Reasoning practice set in Hindi" and please provide me with information related to that subject. Thanks for providing common knowledge information shared with us, keep posting.

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