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You have to prepare hard to crack this exam as the competition level is high for this subject after Life sciences and Physical sciences.

So, here are some preparation strategies that you should keep in mind while preparing for the exam -

  1. The syllabus of CSIR NET Mathematical Science is divided in three parts i.e. part A,B& C. The difficulty level of these parts varies as per the different topics.

  2. You have to study all these Parts simultaneously as each part has its own importance.

  3. Know about type of questions asked in the exam with the help of CSIR NET Previous Year Papers.

  4. Create a proper time table and study accordingly.

  5. If you are having some problems with any topic, then try to connect with subject experts.

  6. Practice is compulsory to crack the CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences. I would like to recommend you to solve as many CSIR NET Mock Test Papers as you can.

  7. Try to attempt the test papers as the real exam. It will help you to manage your speed and accuracy of solving questions.

Best of luck!