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Answer : 3 37 Explanation : Answer: C) 37 Explanation: If we want to pack the drinks in the least number of cans possible, then each can should contain the maximum numbers of liters possible.As each can contains the same number liters of a drink, the number of liters in each can is a comman factor for 80,144 and 368; and it is also the highest such factor, as we need to store the maximum number of liters in each can.So, the number of liters in each can  = HCF of 80,144 and 368 = 16 liters.Now, number of cans of Maaza = 80/16 = 5Number of cans of Pepsi = 144/16 = 9Number of cans of Sprite = 368/16 = 23Thus, the total number of cans required = 5 9 23 = 37

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