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The Institute of Banking and Personnel Selection will soon conduct the IBPS SO Exam.

The IBPS SO Apply Online process will start in November 2019.
If you are interested to appear in this exam, then be ready to apply for it.

To ease your preparation for the upcoming IBPS SO Exam, here in this article I’ve shared, some practice questions for all the subjects asked that will be asked in the exam.

IBPS SO Questions for Practice – Download Here

Here you can check the last few exam questions of IBPS SO. Once you start preparing for the exam make sure to practice with mock tests, online test series and from last year’s question papers.

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0_1571035019537_Screenshot_12.jpg 0_1571035107746_Screenshot_14.jpg 0_1571035125192_Screenshot_15.jpg 0_1571035138570_Screenshot_16.jpg 0_1571035156971_Screenshot_17.jpg 0_1571035215640_Screenshot_18.jpg 0_1571035231242_Screenshot_19.jpg 0_1571035246569_Screenshot_20.jpg 0_1571035260679_Screenshot_21.jpg 0_1571035272359_Screenshot_22.jpg !

Important - While preparing for the exam, keep visiting the official website to get your IBPS SO Admit Card.

0_1571035286254_Screenshot_23.jpg 0_1571035298911_Screenshot_24.jpg 0_1571035311566_Screenshot_25.jpg 0_1571035323983_Screenshot_26.jpg 0_1571035339219_Screenshot_27.jpg 0_1571035459958_Screenshot_28.jpg 0_1571035476529_Screenshot_29.jpg 0_1571035491859_Screenshot_30.jpg 0_1571035511475_Screenshot_31.jpg

How to Solve The Above Mentioned Questions?

  • To solve these questions you have to set the time limit. Set the time as per the exam pattern of IBPS SO and then start solving the questions.

  • list itemDo not take break until you attempt all these questions.

  • list itemMark the questions in which you have faced the problem.

  • list itemNot down the questions which were easy to solve in less time duration.

  • list itemLastely analyse your performance by giving marks (Implement negative marking also).

I hope this will help you in practice of IBPS SO Questions.

Best of luck!